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The KODA PTA works together with teachers, staff and administration toward common goals and to address concerns for the education, safety and enrichment of all the students in our school. Our children are our future. Working together, we can make our students' middle school experience a very positive, exciting and rewarding one.

New Fall * NO Fundraiser *

Over the last few years we have tried numerous ways to raise money / fundraise to support school activities, field trips and off set the VERY Expensive bussing fees anytime our students leave the property.  Many of us dread the typical fundraiser packet that comes home every fall, feeling obligated to purchase cookie dough, wrapping paper or magazine subscriptions.  The Read-A-Thon was a great idea but not enough people participated.   


This year we are going to try to NOT do a Fundraiser we are going to ask each student to pay a $20 Activity Fee.  


Sell nothing and purchase nothing.  We understand as parents you are constantly pulled in several different directions with after school activities, sports, homework and work that we are hopeful that this eliminates just one more thing to do!  With EVERYONE PARTICIPATION this will allow us to reach our Goal and NOT have to of a Fundraiser.  This will also allow us to have FREE Dodgeball (spectators and teams) this will allow us to say YES to more Field Trips, this will allow us to help MORE with the bussing fees


Additional Information will be given to Parents on Open House Night or Click on Activity Fee



Upcoming Events

August 27h

KODA Walk-Thru

Students have the opportunity to bring supplies to school, practice opening Locker, and walk to classrooms prior to the first day of School.

September 4th

1st Day of School

September 12th 6-8:00pm

6th Grade Parent Open House 

6th Grade Parents will follow student schedule visit classrooms and visit teachers.  Information regarding Google Classroom and Chrome books will be helpful for the upcoming school year.

September 19th

7th and 8th Grade Parent Open House

Parents will be able to visit classrooms and teachers.

October 2, 2018 6:30pm

PTA Meeting in the KODA Library

All are welcome to join us at PTA meetings.  We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions.

October --

LifeTouch Fall Photos

Fall photos will be taken of each student.  Photo packages will be available to purchase if interested.



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